Once I was, poem by Petru Racolta


Once I was Wolf
Roaming in packs through the forests,
Spreading fear and terror around,
But I fell killed by a bullet
Targeted by one crueler than I.

Once I was Bird
With strong and relentless wings,
Crossing the skies in all directions,
But I ended up in a snare
Set by one who could never fly.

Once I was Fish
Briskly gliding through endless waters
Laying roe by the million,
But I fell into a cunning net,
Launched by a greedy one.

Now I am a being called Man
And I am killing all my former egos,
Sowing terror like a wolf,
Seeking to glide like a fish,
Hoping to fly like a bird.

by Petru Racolta, April 25, 2016


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